18 thoughts on “ALGORITHMS

  1. Mohanad AL-Musaylh


    I am interested in the IIS algorithm. I like the MATLAB code. Could you please tell me what is the best way to select the parameters below

    M = ?; % Number of trees in the ensemble
    nmin = ?; % Number of points per leaf
    ns = ?; % number of folds
    p =?; % number of SISO models evaluated at each iteration (this number must be smaller than the
    % number of candidate inputs.

  2. Kyu


    I have a question.
    I am interested in the PMIS algorithm.
    the row of input variable is about 60000
    So, this algorithm is not computed.
    Could you please tell me what is problem about that and how to run this algorithm.

    thank you
    best regards

  3. Lesrarved

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